Arrowhead Certification Course (Course ID 101)



Course description:


Students receive a comprehensive “hands-on” experience with the preliminary skills necessary to improve their personal skills and self confidence.  This course is a compilation of different curriculums that Arrowhead CTS has to offer; by placing them into one course it will introduce the student to many of these important subjects.  The principles of this course can be utilized by personnel working for Security Companies, Private Corporations, Industries, Law Enforcement, VIP Security, Intelligence Agencies, Private Investigators, and Military.  Any tools necessary for the course will be provided by Arrowhead CTS (except weapons, unless Arrowhead CTS has agreed to provide them).  A course manual and up to date handout will be provided for the students to keep.


NOTE:  This is a restricted enrollment course with intense “hands on” training.  This course is not limited to Law Enforcement or Governmental Agencies; however, Arrowhead CTS reserves the right to deny training to outside organizations that do not pass the vetting process.



Subjects Include but are not limited to:


Individual Terrorism Awareness                                             Intro to Locking Mechanisms


Intro to Counter-surveillance Techniques                              Executive/VIP Escort and Security


Intro to Surveillance Techniques                                            Tactical Communications


Weapons Safety                                                                       Computer Tradecraft


Basic Marksmanship Training                                                Tactical Vehicle Operations (only when available)

                                                                                                   (if driving course is not available another subject will replace the TVO course)                                    


All courses are subject to enrollment.


This course is taught by current and former Special Operators from different Military Branches and Law Enforcement with experience in the Counter Terrorism field.  Course must have a minimum of 10 students before commencement.


Tuition:  $3,000.00 (Includes course materials)  

Duration: 110+ hours of training (12 consecutive days of training) (Some training days will continue at night for Scenarios and Practical Exercises) 


Students are responsible for lodging and transportation to the course location.